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Local sustainable family farm providing eggs, meat & produce


Sustainable Farms are Essential and NEED your support!

Naturally Special Farms is here for you. Amid all that is going on, local farmers, ranchers, small business families and local markets are struggling to survive. Please support as many small local businesses as possible. Sustainable small business is the backbone of this great nation!

 This crisis has and continues to threaten and disrupt supply chains. At this point we have all seen shortages. Here at Naturally Special Farms we are working diligently to maintain inventory and provide you with the same safe, clean quality products we always have. Our products have no middle man.  Healthy, clean and sustainable meat, eggs and produce come directly from our farm to you. We will continue to spend our Saturdays in the Wheaton, limited delivery and offer curbside pickup off the farm by appointment.

Amid the chaos and panic of the COVID-19, your family at Naturally Special Farms would like to provide you with some Hope. Our family prays, hopes and believes, first and foremost... 

God is in control and our hope is in Him. (Psalms 23)

 Eating nutrient dense food, getting plenty of rest, fresh air and vitamins is imperative to a healthy immune system. There is evidence that Vitamin D helps the body fight colds and flu, you can get the most vitamin D by spending time outdoors and eating grass fed and finished, pasture raised meat and eggs.  Take precautions to protect and build your health and the health of others.

Real Life from the Farm Wife...

Who we are.......


When you buy from Naturally Special Farms, you can trust that we have taken that extra step to make sure it meets the quality we demand in the food we feed our family. No confinement, No gmo, No added hormones, No fillers, No by-products, No chemicals, NO COMPROMISE!


Our Story


Here at Naturally Special Farms the up most care is taken to make sure that our livestock is treated with love, kindness, respect and dignity from beginning to end. We provide for them and in turn they provide for us. All our animals are raised on Gods green grass, fresh air, sunshine and clean water. 

Beef, Elk and Lamb are grass fed and finished. 

The Pork and Poultry that we raise are also raised on pasture and supplemented with 100% natural, GMO free and soy free custom grown and blended feed, fresh vegetables, hay and excess cow and goat milk.


Our Conviction

It is our heartfelt desire to put God first in everything we do, from raising our family to raising healthy plants and animals. We are a Christian family and are devoted to following Gods instructions. Genesis 1 tells us man was created from the earth.  We still come from the earth (or soil). EVERYTHING we consume ultimately comes from the soil. Considering this, we believe, our bodies can only do as well as the quality we put in it.  If our food is un-natural, un-loved, poorly cared for, over worked or even abused this has to be what our body's will become.  

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